Vegan Cosmetics

In under two weeks, Flourchild will be celebrating its very first birthday!

There have been 27 posts made in the past 12 months. If you have read most or all of them then you will have learnt a little bit about me (Cait) as well. You will have come to know that I am the mother of an incredible, loving and hilarious little boy named River; the very thing that my entire world revolves around. You may have also picked up that I am vegan (hardy-har-har), hence the plant pushing (eat your greens!). What many of you might not know, is that I have been working as a professional makeup artist in Canada for close to a decade. I am represented by one of the country's top agencies (Judy Inc) and work mainly in commercial advertising; both in print, and television. I have been the featured beauty expert on a weekly makeover show for L’Oreal Paris on the country’s most popular morning show (Breakfast Television). My work has been published in many fashion and beauty magazines both in Canada and abroad and I have the absolute pleasure of working alongside the incredibly talented Grace Lee for Toronto’s World Mastercard Fashion Week each spring and fall. With the valuable experience that I have under my belt, why wouldn't I want to share my tips and tricks and product discoveries with all of you? As Flourchild’s birthday is quickly approaching, I think it is excellent timing for me to launch the brand new Beauty section of the blog! Here you will discover information about why it is important to consider cruelty free beauty products, that are as clean as possible. After all, it’s not just what you eat that is important, what you put on your skin can have just as much of an impact on your health, and the health of our planet.

Model: Kuyan / Elmer Olsen Models Photographer: Gabe Toth  Makeup & Hair: Cait Mizzi / Judy Inc

Model: Kuyan / Elmer Olsen Models
Photographer: Gabe Toth 
Makeup & Hair: Cait Mizzi / Judy Inc

As a makeup artist, it can be tricky to exclusively work with all vegan cosmetics all of the time.There is a lot of work to be done in the formulation and availability of certain specialty makeup and hair products that can be labeled as 100% vegan. Especially products that get the job done while maintaining the very high standards that not only the fashion and advertising industry expect to see, but also the consumers. Soon enough, “cruelty free” will be an industry standard that all companies will have to abide by, and that that will be upon us very quickly. Mark my word. Makeup companies like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Lime Crime & Lippy Girl (only to name a few) are fantastic lines that provide high quality products which are suitable to both consumers and professionals alike. These brands are setting the bar for vegan beauty products, and are quickly surpassing many of the most mainstream and high end brands in performance and popularity.

I will be using this section, to uncover and review new and old companies who are certified cruelty free, and focus on reviewing their 100% vegan makeup, hair, nail and skin care products.

If you are or know of a brand who prides themselves on being cruelty free, that uses only vegan ingredients in most or all of your/their products and would like a review on Flourchild, please submit an email to including the name of the company, the country of origin, whether you/they are certified cruelty free and/or vegan and what type of product you/they focus on (makeup, skincare, hair, etc).

Let the reviewing begin!

Photo Credit: Gabe Toth