Petit Vour Review & Giveaway!

Petit Vour Luxury Beauty Box - Be Bold Be Kind

Petit Vour Luxury Beauty Box - Be Bold Be Kind

Have you had the good fortune of discovering the wonderfully fun and exciting world of  subscription boxes yet? These services make every month feel like it's your birthday! How they work: You pay a subscription fee, like you would for a monthly magazine, and a box of product is shipped directly to your door, each month! Services like this exist all across the boards and all across the world. There are boxes for men, women, babies, foodies, make-up junkies, crafting, fitness fanatics, pets and wine. Most of them are excellently curated, adorably packaged and chalk full of fantastic products that are hot off the press for you to try.

Petit Vour is a luxury vegan beauty box subscription service. It has an amazing price point of $15 USD each month, and you receive a beautiful pink box, filled to the brim with both mini and full sized samples of the most prestigious, cruelty free and vegan beauty products they can get their well manicured hands on.

As a professional make-up artist, I am completely obsessed with this service. I love, love, love trying new products and incorporating them into my working kit. It does happen that they don't always make it into my kit; I fall so deeply in-love with some of the items that they never leave my own personal make-up bag.

The incredibly high demand by the consumer, that animal cruelty & testing within the beauty industry be abolished, has made room for hundreds of new skincare, haircare and make-up companies to open their doors, show off their goods and brag about their ethically sound practices. This has also created thousands and thousands of jobs, opening up a whole new division of the beauty world that is growing at a jaw dropping rate. When consumers initially decide to make the change over to a more responsible beauty regimen, they often don't know where to begin. As a make-up artist, I hear this every single day. "I want to switch all of my skincare over to product that is not tested on animals, I don't want to support that anymore.", or, "How do you know what products are more natural and safer for my body and my skin?". You can slowly creep along the beauty aisles of the drug store, reading the fine print on all of your go to products, hoping that you understand the long, bizarre list of ingredients in each one. You can try contacting each brand, requesting information about their testing procedures, fingers crossed that their PR people give you an honest, simple answer. Sadly, I can tell you that most will give you a complicated, skirt around the question styled response that leaves you more confused about their practices than you were initially.

Subscription services, like Petit Vour, take all of the leg work out of the search. They do all of the investigating for you, so that when your sweet little box of product arrives on your doorstep, you don't have to question the ingredients or the practices behind any of it. When you fall in-love with one of the lotions or potions you receive, you simply visit their website and order more!

The goodies inside the June beauty box:

EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. | $17
For hair that's strong, silky and smooth, this color-safe, nutrient-finused hair duo cares for your hair by balancing its pH level. Actives like seaweed extract, mango, and apricot deliver crucial nutrients to thirsty stands, while amino and fatty acids restore hair from the inside out and provide rejuvenative benefits.

MUN No. 1 Aknari | Full-size | $95
Prickly pear Seed Oil and Argan Oil combine to transform the appearance of your skin, while soothing Rose Oil lightly scents your sweetest dreams. HOW: Apply evenly to cleansed face every evening for even complexion.

ncLA 5 Free Luxury Nail Laquer | $16
Pair your next ensemble with this dreamy, summery shade and enjoy a little California love on your fingertips.

TAY Rosehip Balancing Cleanser with Seabuckthorn | Full-size | $35.00
Specially harvested Rosehip Oil facilitates hydration absorption and maximizes delivery of nutrients to your skin. Nourishing Seabuckthorn is added for its strong vitamin composition and its restorative properties.

My personal favorite of the June beauty box:

Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. I am OBSESSED with both of these. I have officially switched over from what was my favorite (Alba Botanical) to EVOLVh's line of hair care products. The smell is other worldly (dramatic I know). For those of you who remember the days of Herbal Essence, when it first became a "thing", and you couldn't stop smelling your own hair because there hadn't been anything so delicious smelling on the shelves before. It's like that, but better! It's floral, and fruity, and musky all at the same time. Girly & masculine. It is just the perfect, delicious combination of everything good smelling. It's ingredients give it the ability to nourish the hair from the inside, out. Providing lovely moisture and protecting color treated hair. I am hooked!

Petit Vour has generously decided to collaborate with me for an awesome Beauty Box giveaway! If you haven't yet had the pleasure of receiving one of their boxes, now is your chance to try it for free for one month. This giveaway is exclusive to Instagram, so head there next and follow these rules:

You must be following both myself @caitmizzi and @petitvour to participate. You must like my current photo of the July Beauty Box and repost it with the hashtag #FCPVgiveaway and #veganbeauty, tagging both myself and Petit Vour. The contest is open to North America (Canada & the United States) until August 2nd, 2014. The winner (chosen at random) will be announced the morning of August 3rd, 2014.

Good luck to all of you gorgeous people!

Be Bold Be Kind

Be Bold Be Kind